The project consists in the develop of a Windows application for the use of ADALM-PLUTO (recently received as a gift from a dear friend) as a spectrum analyzer.

I hope to write a post about this soon as well, anyway I list the highlights of the project now:

  • Spectrum analyzer with full span operating range 70MHz-6GHz and representation of signal amplitude in dBm.
  • Spectrum analyzer with tracking generator. Resolution up to 1024 points.
  • Generator with 1 KHz of frequency resolution

The software and hardware prerequisites are:

  • CPU: an old 1.7GHz Pentium M is more than enough!
  • OS:> = Windows 7
  • ADALM-PLUTO extended to let the FW “see” the AD9363 as an AD9364
  • Analog Devices drivers installed (PlutoSDR-M2k-USB-Drivers)

See you soon!