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SATSAGEN v. (17 June 2024)
File size: 5.746.957 bytes   
MD5 930ece75fee34e953c69b657cb921622
SHA1 f960db4e1bd612305ce05ec167bbeecfdc58f36f
SHA256 1018efe5f3ced04057844f8a6252ad18a9cff37b5b1d46443f9d00a11b4e7765

SATSAGEN v. article (Italian)
SATSAGEN v. article (English Google translated)


 - AM, FM, and SSB (LSB, USB) radio
 - Deviation/modulation meter for FM and AM
 - Noise/Gain Analyzer improvements and additions 
 - Cumulative, Average, and Time Folding for radio astronomy purposes 

A complete list of improvements, additions, and fixes

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