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Latest release:

SATSAGEN v. (4 September 2023)
File size: 5.268.632 bytes   
MD5 f224d5a68214ed2ab7076329479ce7a7
SHA1 ca495261840e2a18d96a68892c9878c07c3cff18
SHA256 53137edde04bd5cb9687d223538c189eb8ace217813f36119e4d4ad8a53ab0b4

SATSAGEN v. article (Italian)
SATSAGEN v. article (English Google translated)


- Noise Figure and Gain Analyzer
- Digital Phosphor Display
- Zero Span
- USRP B200mini and NI USRP 2920 support
- AS7265x spectrometer 


- New VNA parameters load delay, load C, load L, and load R
- FFT window type selection from TSA RBW panel
- Append mode in DB grids
- New attack window and decay window values for the smoothing video filter 
- LibreSDR preliminary support
- RX overflow counters for USRP, HackRF, and SDRPlay devices


- SDRPlay device can use the 10 MSPS rate
- Dedicated tab for device options in the settings window
- No default autozoom. A knob can be used to sets the amplitude scale steps and a button as a trace finder tool.
- Generator frequency, spectrum analyzer frequency, Span, RX gain, tx power parameters follow the device 
- HackRF and SDRPlay RX callbacks were rewritten for more performance
- Up to 4096 waterfall resolution time points 
- Speeded up these knobs operations by pressing the middle mouse button: SA update time, Waterwall update time, Digital Phosphor Display lifetime, and Trigger value.
- Reduced TSA noise using the FFT Cossum window type for the r820t based devices


- SA parameters were not restored after full band operation and power-off
- New markers created manually from the DB grid cannot be moved by the mouse wheel or J-K key combinations
- Sporadic serial communication errors on the fastest PCs. All serial-based devices, like simple spectrum analyzers, log detector devices, and others, can be involved.
- Generator DC modulation amplitude differs from the other modulation types.
- TSA units were changed when moving the RX Gain spectrum analyzer knob 

Some other minor added, improvements, and fixes.

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