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SATSAGEN v. (14 December 2023)
File size: 5.648.608 bytes   
MD5 dccb1071f0ded7399ccee5d2b1c78c47
SHA1 1497aa6071752aee62c8dc34c5fdcc1e12a74f86
SHA256 e2b35469197b0a1aef66286c69664de0aa277e8a5f3613aa99beef27973ca212

SATSAGEN v. article (Italian)
SATSAGEN v. article (English Google translated)


 - Configuration file not saved to disk from File->Special func.->Save settings to file menu
 - Wrong start frequency marked as valid in SNA/VNA scan operations in multidevice scenario
 - Max limit of FFT size 8k despite the Custom UTB size option being turned off in HackRF One device
 - Application hangs in device busy error when sampling rate or FFT size is rapidly changed from the user interface in HackRF One device.
 - Application hangs in device busy error or other errors fired in SNA/VNA operations with start frequencies below 4 MHz in HackRF One device.
 - The vcruntime140.dll is not found 

From the version


 - Airspy Mini support
 - Airspy R2 preliminary support
 - Added RX gain attenuation selector for noise gain analyzer 


 - Improved sampling rate to bandwidth ratio for some devices supported.
   For example, a 1.25 ratio means 1.6 MHz of usable bandwidth at 2 MSPS:
     Airspy Mini = 1.5
     Airspy R2 = 1.25
     RSP1a = 1.25
     AntSDR e200 (UHD) = 1.25
     RTL devices = 1.32
 - Improved HackRF One TX spectral purity
 - Libiio upgraded to version 0.25 


 - Fix RSP1a spurs in swept mode
 - Fix HackRF One aliasing
 - Fix bad curve correction file path
 - Fix AV during Power off when editing fields Frequency SA, RX Gain SA, Frequency GEN, and TX Pwr GEN
 - Fix AV in Libiio.dll at Settings closing after Power on without a Pluto connected 

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