Pluto VNA (up to 12 GHz)

VNA SATSAGEN software with PlutoSDR. Testing by Gianni IW1EPY

Second set up from 6 GHz to 12 GHz

The above setup uses the Pluto capability supported by SATSAGEN of the 3rd harmonic mode.

The setup is quite similar to the 100 MHz to 6 GHz with the waveguide filter plus an amplifier.

The amplifier was already described in a previous document.

This is what is possible to obtain with the cal kit Load

This is the open cal kit that starts where the 6 GHz setup ends

The same for the short

1 dB attenuator

2 dB attenuator

2 dB attenuator -4 dB return loss

3 dB attenuator

3 dB attenuator  for 6 dB return loss

6 dB attenuator for -12 dB of return loss

6 dB attenuator for -12 dB of return loss

12 dB attenuator obviously another end open

That’s all for now. Another drop of blood was taken from PLUTO thanks to SATSAGEN due to the perfect SW of Alberto IU1KVL!

Sorry but life is not a bed of roses.

The cable that links the 2 TX and 2 RX of Pluto starts from an IPEX  connector, and most of the cables available are horrible.

Using this link at 12 GHz requires a selected cable and good connector ( the female internal sprig contact is very weak, so after some insertion goes away )

A metal box is mandatory for VNA operation at the 10 GHz range.

All the cables in the setup must be of good quality.

Moving or bending cables in the setup can generate an abnormal response, and a recalibration must be done.

For sure is not an RS or HP instrument but can be used at HAM hobby.