USB D/A interface for SATSAGEN

A USB D/A interface for SATSAGEN to output analog sweep ramp (0-10Vpp)

This USB interface is a D / A converter compatible with SATSAGEN application, in order to drive external systems, like a SNA that accept horizontal input with ~ 10Vpp. With this interface SATSAGEN can be used as a sweep generator.


  • Microcontroller board like Arduino Nano
  • Step-up module 5V to 15V
  • LM358 or equivalent
  • 1uF capacitor
  • 1K, 4K7, 33K and 47K resistors


Arduino Code

Latest release:

usbdaalbfer2.ino  v.2.0

This version can be used for the real-time triggers feature of SATSAGEN v.!

Older versions:

usbdaalbfer.ino   v.1.0