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SATSAGEN v. (17 June 2024)
File size: 5.746.957 bytes   
MD5 930ece75fee34e953c69b657cb921622
SHA1 f960db4e1bd612305ce05ec167bbeecfdc58f36f
SHA256 1018efe5f3ced04057844f8a6252ad18a9cff37b5b1d46443f9d00a11b4e7765

SATSAGEN v. article (Italian)
SATSAGEN v. article (English Google translated)


 - AM, FM, and SSB (LSB, USB) radio
 - Deviation/modulation meter for FM and AM
 - Noise/Gain Analyzer improvements and additions 
 - Cumulative, Average, and Time Folding for radio astronomy purposes 

Improvements and additions:

 - Configuration profiles
 - Smoothing filter in seconds per dB
 - DC bias on RX connector
 - Generator, TX On button
 - Pop-up menu for XO Correction control
 - Multithread Max instant bandwidth selector
 - Added experimental support for the Ettus B210 device
 - Load restoration following a decreased load triggered by the Spectrum Analyzer Resource Monitor
 - The CW morse generator can use all the generator modulations, except EXT
 - TX attenuation compensation based on the sampling rate of the NPR modulation, configurable from the type 100 entries of the curvecorrTx.ini file
 - Manual setting of the LO TX frequency even with the Generator off by pressing the U and D (up and down) on the keyboard, useful to turn off spurious derivated by internal crosstalk
 - Improved the orientation of the marker labels based on position to allow the reading of information that could go off-screen
 - In ENR measurement, if the RX device has harmonic mixers then the color of the Gain display turns yellow as a warning
 - Reduced CPU usage by processes dedicated to acquiring the stream from the SDR


 - Errors when modifying the RX Gain for Pluto devices
 - The compensation table was not updated after the Spectrum Analyzer center frequency change
 - Error exceeding 6GHz or 18GHz maximum frequency in harmonic mode with Pluto devices
 - Visible steps in the spectrum near 6 GHz for Pluto devices
 - Access violation in UHD.dll with AntSDR e200 device when starting SA or GEN with frequencies higher than 3.7 GHz
 - Incorrect display with Pluto devices after using them with SDR Console for example at 768kHz bandwidth
 - Incorrect execution of the NF/G Analyzer if multiple NF/G type markers are present in the scope
 - NF/G Analyzer runs incorrectly with multithreading disabled
 - Division by zero by changing the VFilter mode before starting the spectrum analyzer for the first time
 - Access violation when closing the program, when the USB of the SDR device is disconnected while using the Spectrum Analyzer
 - If in settings you change devices in the same group (from ADALM-PLUTO to PLUTO + for example) it does not disconnect
 - Incorrect Cycle Time display with multithreading active
 - Right audio channel mute for the telegraph CW monitor and marker monitor
 - Abort at startup Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking for NWT6000 devices
 - HackRF incorrect display at low sampling rate values
 - Gestures on touch screens not working near cursors or marker bands
 - Video filter level not restored after closing Zero Span
 - If VNA or two-channel TSA is enabled, the stream acquisition performance  of the Spectrum Analyzer is less than 100%, even at 1 MHz Span
 - Generator zero frequency error raised when switching from NPR modulation to another modulation with Spectrum Analyzer active
 - Generator modulation frequency is not consistent with what is displayed when switching from NPR modulation to another modulation with Spectrum Analyzer active

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